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Professional Linux Association of Denmark (KLID)

KLID is a united Danish initiative among professional Linux stakeholders who want to extend Linux, Free Softwsre and Open Source to Danish companies and the govermenti and others.

Linux doesn't have a company with a sales and marketing division (or department) to make commercials and other PR activities. KLID is the "Sales and Marketing Division of Linux" in Denmark which unite the Danish Linux vendors.

KLID also does a number of things to promote Linux and GNU and other related projects, along with free software and open source related things, such as:

  • Promote said subjects to the industry and to users
  • Promote said subjects at different levels of public administration, such as municipal, regional, state, european union, and global levels
  • help translate said subjects, including FSF translation project and other free software to Danish
  • help standardising open standards, especialy POSIX, C and C++ and internet related subjects
  • distribute said subjects via file servers
  • work with open specifications such as econometric models, digital art, and free and open services

We hope our initiative will be an example for other countries and regions all over the world to unite the national Linux vendors.

KLID has about 100 members.

As far as we know we're the first national Linux vendor group as we started 9th March 1999.

There are some links to other professional Linux sites to the right.

The name in Danish of KLID is "Professionelle Linux-interessenter I Danmark" which in English will be "Professional Linux Stakeholders In Denmark".

If you have a question you can ask the board.

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